Gardening with only the best: Coco Coir Bricks UK!

At Coirmedia, we understand the importance of using sustainable and high-quality growing mediums for your garden. That's why we offer a fantastic selection of coco coir bricks UK, the perfect solution for creating a thriving and healthy garden environment.

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Coir Bricks Variations

Coir Media Aero

Media Aero

APF 48% Water Holding capaity 40% Water Retention Efficiency 38%

Media Lite

Media Lite

APF 45% Water Holding capaity 37% Water Retention Efficiency 36%

Media Natural

Media Natural

APF 45% Water Holding capaity 45% Water Retention Efficiency 45%

Media Max

Media Max

APF 45% Water Holding capaity 45% Water Retention Efficiency 40%

What are Coir Bricks?

Coir bricks, also known as coir peat bricks, are compressed blocks made from coconut coir, a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat moss.  Coconut coir is the fibrous husk surrounding coconut shells, a byproduct of the coconut industry.  By utilizing coir instead of peat moss, coir bricks promote sustainable gardening practices and reduce environmental impact.

Size: 20x10x5cm

Coirmedia, an award winning coir product manufacturer offers Coco Coir Blocks, which are also available as Naked Briquettes for bulk applications, along with tailored packaging options for retail.

Coco Coir Bricks UK

Why Choose Coir Bricks UK from Coirmedia?

Coir bricks in the UK offer a multitude of benefits for your gardening endeavors:

Sustainable Choice

As mentioned earlier, coir bricks UK are a renewable and eco-friendly alternative to peat moss. Peat bogs take millennia to form, and their extraction disrupts delicate ecosystems. Choosing coir bricks UK supports sustainable practices and helps preserve these vital ecosystems.

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Superior Drainage

Coir naturally boasts excellent drainage properties, preventing waterlogging which can damage plant roots. This is particularly beneficial in areas with heavy rainfall or for plants that prefer drier conditions.

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Rich in Organic Matter

Coir contains a good amount of organic matter, providing essential nutrients and improving soil structure. This can potentially reduce the need for additional fertilizers, promoting a more natural approach to gardening.

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Enhanced Water Retention

Despite offering superior drainage, coir bricks UK also have exceptional water retention capabilities. This allows them to hold onto moisture, ensuring plants have access to the water they need to thrive, especially during dry periods.

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Lightweight and Easy to Use

Coir bricks UK are lightweight and compact before being hydrated. This makes them easy to transport, store, and handle, especially compared to bulky bags of traditional potting mix.

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Versatile Growing Medium

Coir bricks UK are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of gardening applications. They are ideal for raised garden beds, container gardening, seed starting, improving existing soil, and even hydroponic systems.

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How to Use Coco Coir Bricks UK: Simple Steps for Success

Using coco coir bricks UK is a straightforward and hassle-free process:

Choose the Right Size

Coco Coir bricks UK come in various sizes to accommodate different project needs. At CoirMedia, we offer a variety of options to ensure you find the perfect size for your garden project.

Hydration is Key

Place the coir brick UK in a large bucket or container. Slowly add warm water to the brick, allowing it to absorb the water completely. The brick will expand significantly as it absorbs the water. Depending on the size of the brick, it might take up to 15 minutes for full hydration.

Break Up the Coir

Once fully hydrated, use your hands or a rake to gently break up the coir. This loosens the fibers and creates a fluffy growing medium.

Ready to Use

The hydrated coir is now ready to be used in your garden projects. You can use it directly in containers, mix it with existing soil in raised beds, or use it for seed starting.

So, why wait?  Embrace the benefits of coco coir bricks UK and elevate your gardening experience.  Browse our selection of coir bricks UK today and discover the perfect option for your next project.

Coirmedia: Your One-Stop Shop for Coco Coir Bricks UK

Coirmedia is your trusted source for high-quality coir bricks UK. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs, ensuring you have the perfect amount of coir for any gardening project.  Here’s what sets us apart:

Premium Quality Coir

We source our coir bricks UK from reputable suppliers who prioritize sustainable harvesting practices and high-quality coir processing.

Competitive Prices

At Coirmedia, we believe everyone should have access to sustainable gardening solutions. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on all our coco coir bricks UK, making them an affordable choice for gardeners of all levels.

Expert Advice

Our team is passionate about sustainable gardening and coir products in UK. We’re here to answer any questions you might have about coir bricks and their use in your garden.

FAQs About Coir Compost Blocks

Amending the Coir: For some plants that require richer soil, you might want to amend the hydrated coir with compost, worm castings, or organic fertilizer. This will further enhance the nutrient content and provide a more optimal growing environment for your plants.


  • pH Balancing: Coconut coir can sometimes have a slightly higher pH (more alkaline) than ideal for some plants. If you’re concerned about pH levels, a simple soil test can help determine if any adjustments are necessary. You can adjust the pH by mixing the coir with peat moss (sustainable alternatives like sphagnum moss can be used) or adding a small amount of sulfur.
  • Reusing Coir Coir Bricks UK: Coir bricks UK are a long-lasting growing medium. After several seasons of use, the coir might break down and become less effective for container plants. However, this “spent” coir can still be beneficial! You can add it to your compost pile where it will continue to decompose and add valuable organic matter to your compost. Alternatively, you can mix spent coir with fresh soil to improve drainage and aeration in raised garden beds.

At Coirmedia, we are committed to promoting sustainable gardening practices.  Coir bricks UK offer a fantastic alternative to traditional peat moss, helping to preserve our natural environment.  With their versatility, numerous benefits, and ease of use, coir bricks UK are a valuable addition to any gardener’s toolkit.


Visit our website today to explore our selection of coir coir bricks UK and discover how they can help you create a thriving and sustainable garden.  We are confident that you’ll be impressed with the quality, affordability, and positive impact coir bricks UK can have on your gardening endeavors.


By incorporating coir bricks UK into your gardening routine, you’re not just nurturing your plants, you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet.  Let CoirMedia be your partner in creating a flourishing and eco-friendly garden!

To use Coco Coir Bricks effectively, place them in a container and gradually add water until fully expanded. Fluff the coir to ensure uniformity. Then you can use it as a growing medium for plants in containers. It is excellent for moisture retention and natural resistance to mold and pests make it an ideal choice for healthy plant growth.

How Long Do Coir Pots Last?

Do you know how long do coir pots last? Typically lasting 6 months to 2 years. Understand factors affecting duration. Learn more for sustainable gardening.

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Coir logs

coco coir by coir media
Coco coir logs are popular material choices for use in construction zones, restoration areas, for environmental preservation on hillsides, or for aquatic erosion control. Coir logs are strong enough to withstand weather conditions such as heavy rains and, when staked to a hillside, help prevent soil slippage by holding the water until the sediment settles.Coir logs can last anywhere from two to five years. Coir logs do not need to be removed at the end of their life cycle, as coir logs break down naturally into the soil, providing nutrients to the ecosystem in the process

weeds mat

organic growing medium by coir media
Coir Weed Mats are the best solution to prevent the growth of weeds. It stops the supply of sunlight to weeds. Coir Mats are made from coconut coir fibre and natural latex. They are a completely natural weed deterrent used to cover the soil around the base. Coir Weed mats are manufactured with the use of needle-punched technology using mattress coir with natural latex.Coir mulch mat can be used anywhere for the control of weeds around a newly planted sapling. The Coir mulch cuts the supply of sunlight to the ground and prevents the growth of slugs and also helps in maintaining soil humidity. It protects plant roots from damage that can be caused by weeds.

needle felt mat

needle flat mat by coir media
Coir needled felt mats are non-woven mats made from 100% coir fibre. The fibre is selected, dried, and then weaved in the needle felt.Needle punching is one of the methods used for making a nonwoven felt. This involves taking loose fibres and “needling” them together using a needle loom full of barbed needles to force the fiber to push through and entangle itself.Coir needle felt is a non-woven fabric made from decorticated coir fibre. The coir needle felt has a number of applications in the value addition of coir.

50 litres bags

organic growing medium by coir media
A marvelous plant growth medium in coir, Coco 50-liter bag loose form is a 100% organic substrate manufactured by us. The World’s finest Coco 50 liter Coir, Medium During the production process, the quality is 100% for plantation.It is free from pesticides, Coco Coir growing medium is an indoor gardening essential. grower looking for fast-growing plants, Coco Peat 50 liter Bag is easy to handle, It includes free drainage and airflow system, 50-litre bags of coco pith are not compressed, it is ready for use.

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