Coir Propagation cubes & pellets

We take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the horticulture industry, and with the propagation cubes and pellets, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulously crafted coco substrate products. From our state-of-the-art Coir Media production site, we bring you a premium-quality coco substrate that undergoes a rigorous selection process, resulting in a purified and stabilized medium with outstanding Water Holding Capacity. Our dedication to achieving optimal Air-filled porosity ensures superior oxygen diffusion rates within the root zone, promoting robust plant growth.

Coir Propagation cubes & pellets

Coir media grow cubes

Our meticulously crafted coco substrate undergoes a rigorous selection process at our dedicated CoirMedia production site. This ensures a purified and stabilized medium with an exceptional Water Holding Capacity. Achieving an optimal Air-filled porosity that guarantees superior oxygen diffusion rates within the root zone. The Coir Media Grow cubes production process empowers growers with the flexibility to customize fertilizer application. Our coco substrate is not only a sustainable choice but also environmentally friendly, addressing disposal concerns with a zero-waste footprint. Choose Coir Media Coco peat grow cubes for a professional-grade coco substrate, precisely engineered to meet the highest standards in horticulture. 

Sizes : 5x5x5 cm | 8x8x8 cm | 10x10x10 cm | 15x15x15 cm

coco peat by coir media


Grow cubes, with their excellent water retention ability and high porosity, are used to maintain pH levels and get higher yield.

Key Features Of Grow cubes

Maintaining pH levels

Coco peat by coir media

Grow cubes maintain the soil pH, providing a stable environment for plant roots.

Higher water retention

coco peat by coir media

Grow cubes has an exceptional Water Holding Capacity
ranging from 60-75%.

Optimal AFP

coco peat by coir media

Air-filled porosity of 20-35% guarantees superior oxygen diffusion rates within the root zone.

Coir Media Pellets

The CoirMedia Seedling Pellet, meticulously crafted from premium-quality Coco Peat, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. This 100% biodegradable product is thoughtfully designed for optimal performance in seeding applications.

Activation is effortless – simply add water until the pellet expands significantly, offering several times its original size. We provide options for both nude pellets and those covered with non-woven cloth, catering to the preferences of our discerning customers.

Sizes : 30mm | 40mm | 50mm | 60mm

coco peat by coir media


Pellets, with their excellent water retention ability and biodegradability can be used in a lot of applications.

Key Features Of pellets


Coco peat by coir media

100% biodegradable product is thoughtfully designed for optimal performance in seeding applications.

Water retention & AFP

coco peat by coir media

With a focus on high water retention capacity and porosity, our seed starters stimulate accelerated root system growth

Simple Installation

coco peat by coir media

Simply adding water can initiate the activation of the coir media pellets


Coir propagation cubes and pellets serve as excellent growing mediums for seed germination, cloning, and early-stage plant propagation. They provide a nutrient-rich and supportive environment for young plants.
To germinate seeds, simply place them in the pre-moistened coir propagation cubes or pellets. The coir medium provides an ideal balance of moisture and aeration for seeds to sprout. Ensure proper temperature and light conditions for successful germination.
Yes, coir propagation cubes and pellets are suitable for hydroponic systems. They offer good water retention, aeration, and support for plant roots, making them compatible with various hydroponic setups.
The frequency of watering depends on factors like plant species, environmental conditions, and stage of growth. Generally, it’s essential to keep the coir medium consistently moist but not waterlogged. Regular monitoring and adjustment of watering schedules are recommended.
Yes, coir is a natural and renewable material, making the propagation cubes and pellets environmentally friendly. After use, the spent coir can be composted, contributing to sustainable gardening practices. Additionally, coir production often involves minimal environmental impact compared to some other growing mediums.

Choosing the Right Grow Bags:
Size and Material Tips

Different plant species have varying temperature requirements
for germination. Research and understand the optimal
temperature range for your chosen seeds to encourage

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Coir logs

coco coir by coir media
Coco coir logs are popular material choices for use in construction zones, restoration areas, for environmental preservation on hillsides, or for aquatic erosion control. Coir logs are strong enough to withstand weather conditions such as heavy rains and, when staked to a hillside, help prevent soil slippage by holding the water until the sediment settles.Coir logs can last anywhere from two to five years. Coir logs do not need to be removed at the end of their life cycle, as coir logs break down naturally into the soil, providing nutrients to the ecosystem in the process

weeds mat

organic growing medium by coir media
Coir Weed Mats are the best solution to prevent the growth of weeds. It stops the supply of sunlight to weeds. Coir Mats are made from coconut coir fibre and natural latex. They are a completely natural weed deterrent used to cover the soil around the base. Coir Weed mats are manufactured with the use of needle-punched technology using mattress coir with natural latex.Coir mulch mat can be used anywhere for the control of weeds around a newly planted sapling. The Coir mulch cuts the supply of sunlight to the ground and prevents the growth of slugs and also helps in maintaining soil humidity. It protects plant roots from damage that can be caused by weeds.

needle felt mat

needle flat mat by coir media
Coir needled felt mats are non-woven mats made from 100% coir fibre. The fibre is selected, dried, and then weaved in the needle felt.Needle punching is one of the methods used for making a nonwoven felt. This involves taking loose fibres and “needling” them together using a needle loom full of barbed needles to force the fiber to push through and entangle itself.Coir needle felt is a non-woven fabric made from decorticated coir fibre. The coir needle felt has a number of applications in the value addition of coir.

50 litres bags

organic growing medium by coir media
A marvelous plant growth medium in coir, Coco 50-liter bag loose form is a 100% organic substrate manufactured by us. The World’s finest Coco 50 liter Coir, Medium During the production process, the quality is 100% for plantation.It is free from pesticides, Coco Coir growing medium is an indoor gardening essential. grower looking for fast-growing plants, Coco Peat 50 liter Bag is easy to handle, It includes free drainage and airflow system, 50-litre bags of coco pith are not compressed, it is ready for use.